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In case you hadn't figured it out... [22 Mar 2005|06:16pm]
Yes, I have officially changed journals. Many of you have joined me at the new one. If you'd still like to be a part of my little lj world, please comment and let me know. I'll be sure to add you to the new journal. Everything there is protected. It's just something I want to do. Thank you for understanding. :)
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Changing journals [20 Mar 2005|06:48pm]
I'm thinking of changing journals. For a few reasons. Please leave me a comment if you're still interested in reading, and I'll be sure to let you know of the name change.

To my non-lj friends (Angie, Danielle, Gen, are there others???), leave a comment and I'll email/IM you the new name. :)
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Home! [20 Mar 2005|06:15pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm home and tired and happy. Here's the low down:

Saturday: I left here about noon and made it to PDX at 2:40ish. After passing Sarah and Bobby's complex twice, I finally pulled off to where I thought it was and called her. They were about 10 minutes away (good timing on our parts!) and confirmed that yes, I was in the right place. :) Happy reunion followed with her, Bobby, and the fat kitties. I loooove Max and Moritz! We hung out for a bit, then headed off to Legends to get my hair cut.

I met the infamous Taylor and her adorable little dog Lily, and we got a-cutting. Lily sat in Sarah's lap the whole time and soaked up the attention that was lavished on her. Taylor took a look at my hair and we discussed what I do and don't like, the time I will and won't spend on my hair, etc. She cut it PERFECT. It's not much shorter, because she said the length looked great, it just needed some shape. I love love love it. The layers are perfect, the curls bounce up just right, and it's SO much lighter. I am a Taylor devotee! This is good because it gives me even more reason to see my Sarah on a regular basis. :) Yes, I am happy happy.

We bid Taylor and Lily adieu, then headed out to find the Lucy store so I could buy the top of the line Enell sports bra. It is *the* bra for big boobied ladies, and I decided to invest in it. It will make working out SO much more comfortable. Well, our directions were failing us and we were driving all around unable to find the dang place so we decided to try again in the morning. Instead, we planned to go home to grab Sarah a jacket, then to a yummy Mexican place for some enchiladas and lemonade, then to Powell's.

Dude, that Mexican place kicked ASS. Two thumbs up for sure. We left dinner and headed out to Powell's. As we were passing it and looking for a parking spot I looked across the street from the building and there was the Lucy store! I yelled, "THERE'S LUCY!" and we both laughed our asses off. We had driven all around it, even just one street past it, the entire time. Silly us. We parked and were certain they'd be closed (it was around 6:30pm) but NO! It was OPEN! Yesssss!

We went in and I told the lady what I was looking for. She directed me right to the rack and gave me a little info on the bra and agreed that yes, this was *the* bra to have. I tried it on and almost cried. The stories are true. It is comfortable, it provides incredible support, and the girls do NOT move! I jumped up and down and ran around the dressing room yelling, "Holy cow it works!" while Sarah laughed at me. The thing is kinda like a small straight jacket, but shoot. It does the job. So, I now own this:

It is freaking awesome. After entertaining the saleslady a little more we left and hopped across the street to Powell's. Holy Christ. That place is incredible. I was completely overwhelmed. We were there for almost 2 hours, just meandering and looking and laughing. We finally sat in an aisle for about a half hour reading fashion books. Heh. Good times. I was still on such a high from my haircut/sports bra experience. We went home, vegged with the Bobby for a bit, then went to sleeeeep.

Got up (I got up very late. Hehe.) and chilled out for a bit. Had sandwiches. Mmm. Good stuff. Sarah gave me some products she didn't want (the Bath and Body Works stuff smells incredible! Thanks darling!) and some books to read, and I gave her the books I'd brought for her. I left around 1:15pm and it was raaaaaaining. Oh well. The drive was just fine, even with the rain. I stopped at the outlet malls in Centralia and bought a few books. I bought:
Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics


Take the Cannoli by Sarah Vowell.
Mom's been telling me to read the Sarah Vowell for awhile. She is very funny and is on NPR a lot. I'm excited. I got them both for $8.50! Gotta love the Book Warehouse!

I got back to Tacoma and made a Target run for some supplies. I needed a new toothbrush, shampoo/conditioner, some curl stuff, some straightening stuff (I'm determined to have better looking hair now) and I bought some TruBlend foundation, Christy. I'm afraid I need to go one shade darker, though. Hmm. Does Target do makeup returns? *call later* Yup. Then I finally made it home where I've been vegging ever since.

I'm determined to start my new body clock routine tonight, since New Job starts in a week and a half. The goal is in bed by 10pm so I can be up at 6am. Very doable, I just haven't been on that kind of schedule in years. I'm going to make 6-7pm my workout time, so I can have dinner no later than 8pm. Gotta stop the late night eating thing. This week it'll be a little off, since I'm still working until 6 AND it's Holy Week, so I'll be at church about that time on Thursday and Friday. But yeah. I've got my new shoes, I've got my great new bra, I am SET. I'll actually be comfortable while I work out!

Tonight I think I'll hit the gym about 7:30, come home and take a bath, pick the place up a bit, then pop in a movie until bed time. Feeling good. Feeling very good.

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Huh [19 Mar 2005|09:57am]
[ mood | excited ]

I just had a bowl of cereal for the first time in years. I'm trying really hard to be better about eating breakfast, so I bought some cereal at Trader Joe's (Honey Almond Crunch something. Weight Watchers, too. And it's damn good) and some soy milk. Verdict? Thumbs up. I'm working on cutting out dairy (and I've NEVER liked milk) and so far I gotta say I'm a fan of the soy milk. It was just weird to have a bowl of cereal.

I've been up since 8:30. My friend and former coworker Adrianne called last night to see if I was working today, since she is currently carless and in need of a ride on Saturday mornings. She works downtown but fills in at our branch on Saturdays. I told her I wasn't working, but I'd be happy to pick her ass up. :) I've got enough to do before I leave in two hours anyway, so my butt needed to be up. I rolled out of bed and showered, went and got Adrianne, dropped her off, and nearly got back in bed. Heh.

Portland! Today! Sarah! Haircut! Yay! I'm excited and nervous. God, I am such a girl.

Ok! Before I leave at noonish I need to:
*unload/reload dishwasher
*wipe down kitchen
*clear off dining room table
*pick up/wipe down bathroom
*pick up bedroom
*put clothes away
*make bed
*do candle order *I'll finish this tomorrow when I get back*
*run candle deposit to the bank and get some cash *will do on my way out of town*
*feed Forte
*clear off desk?

Ooh. That's a lot to do. I should get cracking. When I come back I'll have new hair. :)

Edited 11:04 to add: I just got a call from Sarah. She sounds good and is really excited to see me and get out and do something. She and Bobby are heading home and we'll both get to PDX about 3pm-ish. We'll go to my hair appointment at 4:15, then check out the area (it's the "trendy" area of Portland) and Powell's and just hang out and have a chill night. I'm bringing 90's Trivial Pursuit. We will have a gooooood laugh at that one. To our mutual friends, I will make sure to pass along the well wishes and happy thoughts. Please keep them coming.

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ganked from sandboxdiva [18 Mar 2005|10:57pm]
[ mood | calm ]

First name? Stephanie
Your initials? SLNP
Age? 23
Sign? Pisces
Time of day you were born? 10:16pm
Nicknames? Steph, Steddie, Steffie (to VERY few), Man Hands, CDub, Whore (it's a term of endearment!), NP, Penguin (to Jason), Boobs
What kind of car do you drive? 2004 gold Kia Rio
What kind of soap do you use? Hmm, I'm about to find new stuff. I'm using Yardley Oatmeal and Almond soap on my body right now and some BeautyControl face wash that Heather gave me for my face.
How many pillows are on your bed? 4
What are you wearing right now? tshirt and polo. Why am I not in pjs??
How many pictures of yourself do you have on your hard drive? Um, I dunno?
How many of them are nude? zeeeerooooo
How many pictures of yourself do you have hanging on the wall? I don't have any pictures hanging on the wall period. Yet. But I will soon. So none.
Do you think you are attractive? Generally no. Somedays I think certain parts of me look ok, but overall? I don't think I'm attractive at all.


Favorite Artist?
Glen Phillips
Musical artist you would most like to meet? Duh, Glen
A musical artist you can't stand? Shania Twain
First concert you attended? The Jetts!
Actor or actress you have met? James Cromwell, Dean Cain (he flirted with me! Ricky got PISSED!), *directors* Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Jay Roach, John Singleton, Queen Latifah, and I talked to Johnny Knoxville (aka Phillip Clapp) in passing a few times. I think there are others but I can't recall. Oh, and I got Tom Cruise to look at me and adress me once. Because I have a loud voice. :) It's a good story. Maybe I'll share it sometime!
Actor or actress you would most like to meet? John Cusack, Joan Cusack, Morgan Freeman
Best movie of 2005 you have seen so far? Wow, I haven't seen many. Hitch was ok.
Worst movie of 2005 you have seen so far? Uh...


Shows you never miss?
I don't have tv anymore, but if I did it'd be Scrubs, West Wing, Best Week Ever, Law and Order, The OC...oh man, I'm a tv junkie! Another reason I don't have it!
A show most of your friends watch that you don't? just about any, since I don't have tv!
Do you have cable? nope
Do you watch soaps? no. I grew up on All My Children and will pop in to it once in awhile, but on a regular basis no.


Are you m/f?
What is your sexual orientation? hetero for sho
Do you enjoy giving oral sex? very much so
Do you enjoy receiving oral sex? yes! It's been ENTIRELY TOO LONG! ugggghhhhh....
Do you like to kiss? mmm yes
Fetishes? Uh...
Ever been in a 3 way? no no. I'm too insecure/jealous for that. I think. ;)
In bed you tend to be more dominant or submissive? Secrets secrets can be fun...
Ever been tied up? my little sister reads this site!
Ever used food in bed? of course. But NOT LIKE THAT! Sickos.
How long has it been since you had sex? Oh long my woo woo is shriveling up due to lack of use.

LJ Friends List:

Friends that know you the best?
  starkdame, pdxpigglewiggle, skovs</span>
Friend you have known the longest? starkdame</span>
How many on your friends list? 27
Have you ever dated anyone on your friends list? no
Friends you have met in person? starkdame, pdxpigglewiggle, skovs, gappv2, icepryncess, tanuwa, onesillymonkey, stryke8b, jennnk, pinksockrock, and essenceofaaron</span>
Friend you would most like to meet in person? anybody not on the above list!
Friend you most want to get know better? well all of them, of course. Silly question.
Do you read someone's journal that is not on your friends list? Don't we all? :)

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thefridayfive [18 Mar 2005|08:19pm]
1. What are your five favorite all time TV shows?
  1. Mystery Science Theatre 3000
  2. Friends
  3. Six Feet Under
  4. ER
  5. Dawson's Creek
2. What five things you want to do before the year is out?
  1. Visit Ricky (Minnesota) and Jason (Florida). Or at least one and have the other planned and booked for early '06
  2. Lose at least 30lbs
  3. Try some new physical activity (a class, a sport, hike somewhere I've never been)
  4. Paint my apartment
  5. Sit down with a financial planner to map out a get out of debt plan/retirement/wealth management scenario
3. Who are five people (alive, dead, or otherwise) you would want to have dinner with?
  1. Jesus
  2. Glen Phillips
  3. Papa
  4. David Sedaris
  5. Ghandi
4. Where are five places (cities, states, countries, etc.) you would like to visit?
  1. New York City
  2. Italy
  3. Australia
  4. England
  5. Denmark
5. What are your five favorite desserts?
  1. Cheesecake
  2. Ben and Jerry's ice cream
  3. Chocolate silk pie
  4. Cherry pie
  5. Fruit flavored sorbet
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fridayfiver [18 Mar 2005|08:17pm]
1. What's the first physical feature that attracts you to another person?
Eyes and smile. You can tell so much about a person with those.

2. Do you read the tabloids (i.e. The National Enquirer, The Mirror)?
Well, I read Us and In Touch and all those types. I don't stoop to the Enquirer, but I do love me some juicy celebrity gossip!

3. Have you ever snuck a peek at someone else's paper while taking an exam?
Duh. We've all done it. I can't say I've done it a lot, but I'll admit to once or twice.

4. How would you describe your vision?
Baaaaah. Not good. My right eye is semi-normal but getting worse, and I'm almost blind in my left eye. Seriously. I need glasses or contacts for daily use. I can *see* without them, but not clearly and I really shouldn't drive without them. Uck. I'm contemplating Lasik, but it still scares me a little too much.

5. What's the scariest thing you've ever seen?
Um, wow. I try to stay away from scary things. Jeff's body at the funeral, maybe. That's one I can recall. I didn't mean to, but I didn't turn my head fast enough when they lifted the casket lid.
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TGIF! [18 Mar 2005|07:05pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

Made it through another day and honestly, it was a good one! I'm just happy and bouncy and loving life (well, for the most part). One of my favorite old man customers came in today and I almost cried when I told him I was leaving. He said, "Gosh, I sure am going to miss you! You are so sweet." Awwwwwwwwww. Seriously. I could have died.


And...they posted my resignation on our company intranet saying that my last day would be the 29th and blah blah. I've been getting crazy emails and phone calls since, but my favorite was from our fraud investigator. She sent me an email with no message, just this as the subject line:

"I just read that you're leaving. You can't go. I need you."

I emailed her back, thanking her and letting her know that if she ever gets an assistant position that I am MORE than interested and to let me know. :) She said to keep in touch and give her a call if I ever need anything. Really, how cool is THAT? :) I feel like a freaking rock star at this place. But not enough of one to stay!

Dad came by and took me to lunch today. That was nice. We had a good chat. He's assistant manager at the store now! Yaaaay! Happy news! EFF MY WRIST HURTS. Crap, carpal tunnell setting in? Anyway, we had a good time. Ooh, and at the beginning of my lunch hour I had a message from Ricky saying he had gotten the promotion he had originally been passed over for a month ago!! This is FANTASTIC news. Meaning he's a 40 hour full time engineer at a major news station! His message was adorable. He was giddy and happy and sounded like he might explode. I called him back at work and just said congrats real fast, then we had a longer chat tonight where he gave me the details. I am SO PROUD of him. He has worked so hard. The downer to this is that it means he has to stay in Minnesota longer, but at least he's happy and doing what he loves.

To top it all off, I got out of work right on time. :) I came home and reconciled my bank account and paid my bills since today was payday. The City pays us on the 1st and 15th or 16th, so I'll be able to really set my budget. I like that. Not that I don't like getting paid every other Friday, but this way I can set what gets paid with the first check of the month and what gets paid the second. Yesterday I received a GIANTY package from Algona with all my benefits stuff and W4 paperwork and such. This is *really* happening. It's almost surreal.

7 more days!

Now I'm chatting with onesillymonkey on IM (she's really effing cool. If you don't know her, you should stop by and say hi. We go way back.) and discussing our love for Trader Joe's and things deep fried. Elephant ears, anyone? JR just signed on, so I may talk to him for a bit too. I think I'll get the place cleaned up a bit, file some paperwork, load the dishwasher, have some dinner, and watch my Netflix stuff so I can get it back in the mail tomorrow. Hmm, gotta stop by the bank tomorrow and put the last check in my candle lady's account. OOH! I earned like $60 in free stuff from my party, so I have to pick that out tonight! Yay!

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Yesssss! [18 Mar 2005|01:31pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Jillian and I are going to Jack Johnson at the Gorge on August 13th!!!! We both just ordered tickets from work. Heh.

So. excited.

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[18 Mar 2005|12:29am]
[ mood | worried ]

(starkdame + eggplant costume) + (skovs + pumpkin costume) = fucking hilarious

Seriously. Great concert, dudes. And FUN TIMES at Denny's with Kate Squared and Mom and Ray. Katy had a pin in her ass!

Now I am very tired and very worried after getting a very concerning phone call. I have faith that everything is ok, though. Or will be. Yeah. *hugs* Much love.

OH but I talked to JR tonight! He left me a great 3 minute voicemail earlier today, so I called him on my drive down to PLU tonight. GOD I miss him and love him. We had a quick catch up with the promise to chat while I drive down to Portland on Saturday. He's not getting enough oral. I'm not getting enough action PERIOD. It was a typical phone conversation for us. :)

Then I wrote him an email telling him how important he is to me and how I never would have guessed 6 years ago that we'd be where we are. I also told him that we can NOT live on opposite coasts our entire adult lives. One of us is going to have to give in and move. Heh. Oh, and that I have promised myself that any guy I date is going to possess the qualities that I love so much about him and Ricky. So yeah. If the guy doesn't remind me of a healthy mix of Jason and Ricky (the two most important men in my life), then he's not good enough. Hands down. I'm not settling or compromising again.

Really. Bed. But y'all missed a good concert. Maybe if you're reeeeeally good they'll put the costumes on for you!

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news news news [17 Mar 2005|01:53pm]
  • My little sister starkdame got hired as a camp counselor in South Dakota this summer! Everyone hop over there and congratulate her! I am very excited and happy for her, but DAMN I'm going to miss her all summer. Big sad face to that. Perhaps a trip out to SD is in my summer plans?
  • My mama has an interview with the City of Federal Way next week! This is fantastic because it would be down the road from her new house (she has a craptastic commute now), be more pay, and would get her away from her dumbhead boss.
  • I just had a yummy Thai noodle bowl for lunch. Mmmm.
  • Mom and Ray might take me out tomorrow night to celebrate el new job-o (skovs, I may have to reschedule with you. Could you forgive me? I loooove you!).
  • The Auburn Hot Topic will have the Music in the Schools bracelets tomorrow, so I can pick up a few on my way up to Mom's.
Now the bad...
  • Sarah got screwed by a stupid dentist. We should shit in his breakfast, for sure. Luckily her new dentist is super nice, but I'm so sorry that she had all this crap happen. Grrr.
  • My sister called to say she was going to our Spanaway branch today to pick up her debit card. We received a company email a little while later that the Spanaway branch had just been robbed. I immediately called Kate and asked where she was. Luckily she left just before it happened, but it scared the bajeesus out of me that my little sister might be there when it happened. Most robberies are less than 30 seconds and know one else knows they're happening, but you never know. When I left for lunch we didn't have any other info. But God, that freaked me out. Her too!
So yeah. Lots of crazy stuff. I'm home on lunch and am headed back in a few. I'm going to come home and try to work out before going to Kate's concert down at PLU tonight. She's going to be wearing an eggplant costume. Can't miss that. :)
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YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAH! [15 Mar 2005|11:07am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I got the formal offer!

I start March 30th!

I typed up my resignation and let my BSA 2 know, and am calling HR next!


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Toooosday [15 Mar 2005|08:45am]
*fax in student loan stuff to Sallie Mae/ACS
*make Sallie Mae student loan payment
*write resignation letter
*sort paperwork
*pay bills
*get candle orders finalized
*call theatre re: scripts
*put away rest of clean clothes
*clean out closet (get old shoes boxed up for Goodwill, clean off shelves)
*buy cat food

That's a start.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!
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Wanna hear something really cool? [14 Mar 2005|10:29pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


Well, I haven't been given the "official" offer, but Danielle (new boss) called today to let me know that I'm the one. I don't even have to go back for the second interview tomorrow. She just had to finish contacting my references so she could technically say she did it, but she said there shouldn't be any reason why she can't make me an offer of employment. I'll probably get it tomorrow.


I'm so happy!

I will be the assistant to the City Clerk/Treasurer for the City of Algona. Union job, GREAT benefits, steady schedule, secure. It's salaried, but it will technically be a small pay cut to start. Maybe. They are still on the 2003 pay scale. As soon as the settle for 2004 AND 2005, that will go up. Plus, I'll get a pretty substantial raise in 6 months, then regularly after that. But, since medical is paid 100% I wont have that deduction coming out, plus the life insurance I pay, plus the United Way donation I make,, it will actually work out to be about the same or more. And again, once they agree on the new pay scales, it will go up. Even if it were a small cut for a few months it would be WORTH IT.


Lame thing? I'll have to give my resignation to our BSA 2 that is in charge, and also to another manager, since my manager is on vacation for another week and a half. Oh well. C'est la vie.


Yeah, that's my happy happy news for the day.

In addition, I am SO excited for this weekend to see my darling Sarah (who is a SILLY drunk right now) and buy my new sports bra and get my hair cut and drink with her and Bobby and Will. kewidoll, I want to meet you, too! I don't know if this weekend will work out, but I will be down much more often now. We will definitely have to make plans. Sarah says you are a kick in the pants. So yes, we will meet!

I also called my candle lady to let her know I'll have to put off starting things for another month or so until the show opens. She was totally cool. I really really like her.

Ooh, and today I got to have lunch with my sister. Good times. Tonight was dinner with Levi and his friend, David. TOTAL sweetheart. He was a very nice guy. We went to Red Robin and had a good time. Felt MUCH better being Levi's friend, and not his girlfriend. I think we'll find a more comfortable groove. And I flirted with the hot waiter. Oh yeah.

Seriously. Sarah and I are having the most hilarious IM convo right now.

To top off my freaking fantastic day, I had 3 sold referrals today. Hell yeah.

I have lots to do tomorrow. Dang.

The new job will be 8-5, Monday - Friday. That means I'll have to leave by like 7:20-7:30ish every morning, which means I'll have to get up at like 6am. Ooooooh. That's going to be rough. But, I'll be home earlier. And it will be good for my body, honestly. It's weird, but I'm looking forward to the commute. Good morning me time. I can listen to NPR, or maybe start renting some books on will be good!

Happy happy happy happy happy happy...

Thank you, God. Sometimes I get so impatient with life, and I just need to remember that You have a plan and that things will work out when and how they should. So, yeah. Thanks big guy.

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*sigh* [13 Mar 2005|08:29pm]
[ mood | content ]

Productive day! I've been happy - almost manic - all day. Such an odd feeling after the constant stress and grey cloud I've been carrying around, most of the time without realizing it. Hmm. He's a good man, but I couldn't feel better about the way things are now.

So. I woke up this morning and hopped online to check my heeeeemail when two things happened:
1. Sarah was online. Both of us were cracked out. It was funny. We talked until the absolute last minute I had to get in the shower and not be late for church.
2. I received a VERY INTERESTING EMAIL from Ms. Genevieve Younce. Woman, details. I love you very much and couldn't be happier for you. As long as he is treating you right. Oh, and again...I told you so. ;) Why is there a towel in the fridge?

Yup. Interesting morning. I flew in and out of the shower and made it to church with time to spare. Why is that? Because no Lutheran church ever starts on time. C'mon. :) The service was fantastic. I love the days when it feels like the lessons/Gospel/sermon are directed straight at me. The Gospel was the story of Lazarus, and Pastor Ruud's sermon talked about new life coming from death, and how our lives are full of "little deaths" that we must conquer and gain from. The whole theme of renewal and rebirth really hit home. I felt very fulfilled and complete, and left with a big ol' smile on my face. Well, the three little old ladies who seperately told me "You have such a beautiful voice!" made me smile too. I love old ladies. St. Mark's is definitely going to become my new church home.

After church I came home and chatted with Sarah a bit more before gathering my oodles of laundry and heading for the laundromat. I had...*drum roll*...6 loads. Eesh. But, at least it's done and caught up now. After laundry fun times I decided to hit the mall and see if I could have any luck finding workout shoes. Well...

Check out my  new shoes! They are a worthwhile investment. Next weekend: new sports bra. Yay.

I also stopped by Pier 1 and picked up some really cute sconces on clearance. Two are matching star votive sconces, and the third is an awesome wrought iron sun looking sconce. I dig 'em. While I was in there Ricky called back (I'd left him a message earlier) and we chatted. When I'd called before I got the "blah blah is on the phone" recording. I joked in my message about who he could possibly be talking to. Well, when he called back he explained that he actually had tried to ANSWER the phone, but hit 'end' accidentally which gives that recording. Then he said, "There is no one more important to me than you." Awww. :) That man means the world to me. Gosh I'm lucky.

Now I've almost put away all the laundry, and just need to tidy up a bit and perhaps have something for dinner? Hmm. I think I'm meeting up with Levi and his friend after work tomorrow. Should be fun. Wednesday and Thursday night I'm going to Preview Nights of Man of LaMancha that my dear friend Jerod is in. Yes, both nights. Wednesday, Jill and I are going. Thursday, I'm seeing it with Steph (Jerod's fiancee). Jill can't go Thursday, Steph can't go Wednesday, and I'm happy to see it BOTH days! :) Jerod was at the show Saturday with Henry the Puppy. Yaaaaay. Such a cutie.

I'm leaving for PDX Saturday morning...which means I have Friday night free! Hmm, I think I need to make some plans. Anyone? They'd have to be pretty inexpensive though. I just bought those shoes, I'm buying an expensive bra on Saturday plus gas money/drinking money in PDX. SARAH I am so freaking excited. Yessssss.

Amanda - I will get a catalog to you in the mail this week dear! I hope you're feeling better.

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Oh man [13 Mar 2005|09:53am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Heading off to church in a minute, but first...
Puppy LoveCollapse )

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Here we go again... [12 Mar 2005|11:53pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

My apartment looks fantastic, if I do say so myself. Just thought I'd mention that.

Had the Party Lite party. Good fun! I'm still taking orders if y'all want to get in on the fun. I wont close the show for a few more days. I think I'm going to start doing it as a way to make a little extra money (wanna host a party or just order some fun stuff? Let me know!). So yeah. Afterward I was chilling and Christine called, wanting to know if she could swing by and place an order. In addition to buying candles, I took her to closing night of the show! That way I wouldn't be lame with no date. :)

So...we got to the theatre and were about to be seated when Jason (my director) came up and said he needed to talk to me.


It turns out the next show (The Music Man) was cancelled due to conflicting production rights being erroneously given. Instead of missing out on that 6 weeks of revenue, the theatre owners asked Jason if he and the cast would do Nunsense II. Jason talked to the girls (4 of the 5 can do it) and tonight he said to me, "Steph, I can't do it without you. Please say you'll AD for me again." AWWWWW! So! I'm assistant directing again. :) This show has been SO successful that they are certain the buzz will carry over to the next one. We have a week off, and rehearsals begin Monday March 28. The show opens Friday April 22. 4 weeks. HOLY CRAP! I'm so excited and so touched that Jason wants me back. The girls were so sweet tonight, too. I just love them.


I'll have no life for 4 weeks straight again, but it's worth it.

It was good to hang out with Christine tonight. I'm so glad that me and Levi breaking up isn't ending our friendship. She's just too cool.

Man, I am pooped. I have a lot I want to do tomorrow, too.

*laundromat (nice clothes, tshirts, towels, sheets, new and old duvet covers)
*file paperwork that is stacked up
*little grocery shopping
*workout shoe/sports bra shopping?

Sleep. Seriously.

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SAAAARRRAAAAAAAAAH [12 Mar 2005|10:31am]
[ mood | crazy ]





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Bah [12 Mar 2005|09:06am]
[ mood | naughty ]

Went to bed late but without finishing the cleaning. I set my alarm for 7am...HAH. Yeah, like that happened. I got up at 8 instead. Most of it is done. When I get home at 1pm I need to:

*clear off the futon
*wipe down the bathroom
*wipe down the kitchen
*hide my "stuff to be sorted" pile :)
*take out trash/cardboard
*if I have time, pick up my bedroom and make the bed so I can leave the door open. If not, it'll just stay closed!

I can do that all quickly. I *really* don't want to go to work. I'd rather clean and go to the laundromat and just not be there. Ugh. Heather is going to drive me nuts, I'm sure.

After the party I need to work out, then head up to Auburn for closing night. :( Sad face. I have reservations for 2 tonight...anyone want to go? I can bring a guest for free! Comment or call or something. Tomorrow brings church, then the laundromat (too much laundry for Mom and Ray's, I'd be there all day. Must catch up!), then more thorough cleaning and working out and all that happy stuff. Maybe some crafting? We'll see. Ooh, I might start my new workout shoes/sports bra hunt. I need to replace both of those.

Shoot. I need to get in the shower. I have to look semi-cute today, too, since Levi might bring his friend (who's visitng from Sacramento) by the bank. He wants me to meet him anyway and we're going to go out/do something one night while he's here, but I feel the need to make a good first impression. Not for Levi's sake. For mine. :)

I'm such a girl.

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HOLY CRAP! [11 Mar 2005|10:41pm]
Check out my new layout! Seriously! I love love love love love it!

*jumps up and down*

Back to cleaning.

Free QUALITY haircut on Saturday, paired with a visit with SAAAAAAAARAAAAAAAH!

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